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"In order to overcome challenges and grow as individuals, we need the RIGHT people around us"

Topics We Face Together

Improve Communication

Manage Emotions

Increase Motivation

Work and Purpose

Divorce and Breakup

Family Issues

How You Will Benefit

Overcome Personal Challenges

We all experience difficult times in life. An important factor in overcoming life's challenges is having a strong support system you can count on

Build Supportive Friendships

Family isn't about being related. It's about supporting and wanting the best for each other. It's the idea that when you succeed, we succeed

Accelerate Personal Growth

Growth doesn't happen in the comfort zone. Being in a community that cares about you, supports you, and keeps you accountable is invaluable

Healthy Social Interaction

Spending quality time with like-minded people who support you and your goals is an effective and necessary form of self-care

Meet Our Facilitators

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Dr. Eric Perry, PhD
Worldwide Coach


Dóri Padla, CLC
Worldwide Coach


Michelle Marie
Worldwide Coach

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@1pm PST on Zoom

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