Alison Skoff


Scranton, PA

Are you checking the all the boxes but still feel like something is missing or that what you truly want is just out of reach? Are are craving more freedom and want to wake up every day and feel alive? I help people find their path and break through ...

Angela Jane


Melbourne, AU

My ideal client is anyone of any age. I use Human Design, which is a unique spiritual tool that lays out your authentic blueprint. I help people who feel lost and who are looking for themselves. I will help you uncover pieces of yourself you may hav...

Ashley J. Spurgeon


Rosenberg, TX

Are you ready to live the life you know you were meant to live? Are you looking for the shift that brings your dreams to living fully, abundantly, successfully in all areas of your life? I work with Holistic (Whole) life coaching that will improve a...

Camille Miller


Flemington, NJ

I offer business/life strategy coaching. I do it in conjunction with PSYCH-K (a spiritual process) to unblock fear, resistance, and limiting beliefs. I work with high-achieving entrepreneurs or high-level management that just aren't happy with their...

Candace Anderson


Leland, IL

My ideal client is working with mothers who are looking to find themselves again after children. To reconnect to themselves, find their passions and purpose outside of motherhood as well as focusing their attention on learning how to balance their o...

Carmen Theobald


Burk's Falls, ON

My ideal client is motivated to find solutions and grow. They struggle with finding a middle path in their interactions, either leaning towards being too soft or too forceful in their approach. They need to find alternative ways of approaching chall...

Carolyn Adelsen


Schertz, TX

I help men and women, 40 and over, to reclaim their health and sense of self. My clients struggle with being overweight, fatigued, in pain, have a chronic illness like type 2 diabetes, heart disease or an autoimmune disorder, often battle with poor ...

Cindi White


Spokane, WA

Many people deal with fear, failure, insecurity and hopelessness. They have a dream that seems impossible. They have a strong desire to be significant and impact their world. They want to be seen and understood. And they often want someone to walk b...

David Gilks


Nanaimo, BC

My ideal client is the person who has been down the personal development path and though they have done courses and read the books, they still feel like they are miles away from their goal feeling certain and happy. They are stuck in the rut of "kn...

Emma Burgess


Bryndwr, NZ

I have two ideal clients - One wants to expand their business. They want to make more impact and income by being fully themselves. I teach you how to expand your business quickly and easily using your mindset, your energy and utilizing your strength...

Jeny Swanson


Illiopolis, IL

My ideal client is women ages 23-65. They experience physical symptoms such as adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, PCOS, and general fatigue as well as mental health symptoms such as feeling lack of purpose, helpless/hopeless, overwhelmed, and anxious....

Jessica M Childs


Woodstock, NY

My ideal clients have ambition. They have dreams and desires. They want more, but they are not getting the traction that they want in reaching their goals. We each have a unique multifaceted vision of our best life that includes health, relationship...

Joy K. Slaughter


Warner Robins, GA

Before we work together, my clients often ask questions like, "Eat. Sleep. Die. What's the point?" or "I have everything! Why am I still unhappy?" or "My doctor said to cut the stress. Where do I start?" or even "I think I'm having an existential cr...

Leanne Toth


Bellevue, WA

Loving Leanne coaching helps you replace self-doubt with self-love so you give yourself permission to land the career you love. If you have been feeling stuck, overwhelmed and are afraid to make a career change due to uncertainty of what might happe...

Ryan Westover


Salt Lake City, UT

My ideal client is looking to enhance their life through increased balance. Life becomes frustrating. less enjoyable, and exhausting when we become unbalanced. My ideal client is ready to invest in themselves, gain greater personal clarity, willing ...

Samantha Grosse


Montreal, QC

My ideal client would like to have more energy to do the things they love, to feel more confident in their skin and be more resilient in the face of every day life stressors. They want to live their best life, whatever that may mean for them.

Yessenia Rivas


Dale City, VA

My clients are very successful Professionals who are really good at what they do, however, they have never been taught exactly how to get permanent results to better health, who are stressed out and are tired of being tired. Who are looking for a mo...