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my ideal client suffers with anxiety that’s holding them back from living their fullest life, its stopping them from doing the things they want to do.
There life is disorganised, they have piles of “ to do “ lists and just the thought of starting sends their mind into a spin they feel their chest tightening up, their breathing is getting shallow.
They don’t expect life to be perfect but they want to be free to live a full life away from the anxiety and overwhelming feelings. They want to be able to organise their day and not fear that it will fall apart. They want to have a organised home and life.

Action your anxiety and live without debilitating fear.
I teach you how to manage your mind and choose your thoughts.
I give your tools to use through the rest of your life that will empower you, these tools will be your support when you feel the pressure of life surrounding you, but now you won’t spiral into your anxiety.

Everyone’s anxiety is different, no ones journey is the same, but what we do have in common is that I’ve been there. I was crippled with anxiety and feared it would hit me when I was in public.
I’ve journeyed through anxiety and reached the other side.
What I’ve learnt can be applied to any person or situation.
I want to help you be free

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Beth Needs

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